Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Double page spread Analysis

The colour pallet that they have used for this double page spread is black, white and a variety of different pinks, the reasoning behind this is that it is a girl article and they have used stereotypical girly colours to relate heavily to there target audience, which is a very simple, yet effective technique. In this double page spread there is very little order to the positioning of the text, this can be an effective technique due to it relating to the Pre-Madonna target audience. Nicki Minaj is known for showing alot of her body off, and she has a very heavy sexual aura about her, but in this photo it does not reflect that, instead she has alot of make up on and is presented like a doll, and has an 'Icon' ring on, this is to show that this is the standard for women now and how they look up to people like Nicki Minaj. Having the main text being 'The gospel according to Nicki Minaj' is effective, having this will make the target audience want to read the magazine and find out her opinions

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