Friday, 30 January 2015

Research - Indie Scenesters - How to spot one

Oozing confidence, bordering on arrogance, they are obvious and unapologetic about their passion for living in the moment; unconcerned with anything but listening to their iPods and getting drunk...
Influenced by using ‘music as a fashion accessory’ this Tribe are motivated by being ahead of the curve (and their rival Leading Edge Tribes) on all the latest trends. This makes Indie Scenesters unpredictable, as fashion in every sense of the word becomes recyclable in this Tribe. True Indie Scenesters aren’t obsessed with brands in the conventional sense–well maybe a few (including Converse, Rough Trade and Vans) but they’re fashion leaders rather than followers, wearing anything from plain dark jeans and a V-neck one day to bright neons the next.
And in authentic Indie Scenester spirit they have a tendency to follow only a handful of bands at once. This is not to say the Tribe would abandon their Indie Scenester influences if a band made it to the big time, but they continually reinvent the Tribe by embracing new music and sacrificing appearance for small, sweaty, intimate venues where the best music originates.
They enjoy mainstream festivals, but opt for smaller gigs (mud baths) rather than those offering VIP tickets and hair straightening facilities. You will most likely find them rocking to new sounds at the intimate Shambala Festival in Northamptonshire, Symmetry Festival in Peterborough or Field Day at Victoria Park in London. This Tribe are dedicated to their musical roots and unmoved by the rise to success; even if they treat music magazine NME like the Holy Grail.
Inspired by fresh, unsigned acts, this Tribes presence is felt everywhere. Online communities such as pave the way for discussion and discovery outside the conventional top 40 and Indie Scenesters are not afraid to be heard. Many write opinionated blogs representing contemporary elements of a temporary scene. They stand united and they stand out. Read at your peril.

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