Thursday, 15 January 2015


In my personal opinion I don’t believe there is a specific style for ‘indie’, I think if you have an individual style that goes against the mainstream way of dressing, which emphasizes indie meaning individual. It does not matter about the current fashion they wear clothes that they like due to their own fashion sense. In recent years being ‘Indie’ has come to the forefront of fashion with people being labelled as indie and people ‘dressing indie’ which would go against the whole ideology of ‘being indie’. With research I discovered that to be indie you can literally wear anything you like and to be ‘indie’ you have to wear a certain type of clothing due to society adopting this idea of the dress sense, but they contradict themselves by going against the whole individuality about being ‘indie’.

‘Indie kids’ as they are referred to, do have a large acknowledgement to mainstream clothing, and they do not just brush away any mainstream clothing because its mainstream, if they think it’s nice they will include it in their outfits. While researching the indie way of style I discovered that they bring clothes back. Indie kids wear things from the 60s,70s,80s,90s and early 2000s and ultimately bringing them back into fashion which then will have a constant change of clothing, so overall indie kids will continuously have to change their dress sense. A lot of the time ‘indie kids’ makes their own clothes, they do thing like tie dying t shirts and ripping there jeans on purpose. Also indie kids are stereotypically eco-friendly and this is enforced because a lot of them recycle their clothes and make other ones, E.g. they will turn an old sleeve from a long sleeve top into a scarf. Overall I believe that the fashion sense of ‘indie’ will be greatly effective due to the way I wish to present my models and how I want to make ‘indie kids’ as my target audience 

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