Thursday, 15 January 2015

Analysis of Different Fonts

With this font I like the way it proclaims itself and the fades the end of the letters are very effective.

 This font is bold and is simplistic with a twist to the way it’s presented.
With this font I like how it looks simple but has a sci-fi feel about it.

This font is good due to the boldness of it 

                                        Also like the other font I like the boldness of it.

Again due to the text being bold it will exclaim itself to the audience and help make the magazine eye catching
This font has a more urban feel to it due to the fades in the letters, but may not be good for a font for the title of a magazine 

With this text I like the freedom and the messy look to it gives it an individual feel

 I’d prefer this to be al capitals, but I do like the ‘X’ how the X stretches down.
With this one I like how the ‘I’ stick out above the other letters; it could be used as a sign for the number 1 and saying that this is the best album.

With this one I like how the letters flick and cross over each other, this gives it a stylized

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