Friday, 16 January 2015

Analysis of contents page

With this contents page I think that the use of the red NME sign relates to the colour of the title of the magazine which stands out greatly and is very eye catching to a reader, Also having the word ‘CONTENTS’ in white relates to the secondary colour of the NME symbol which I believe to also be effective. With the list on the right hand side I like how it is organised and is labelled well to make it clear where to look to get your information, so I like how the layout is simple and easy to follow. The clear advertisement, which is a very useful marketing strategy, the use of the yellow and white against the black background allows it to stand out. You can tell NME has tried to target a large audience due to them putting various different bands, by doing this you can tell the great status of NME. By having the key words which indicate where to go in capitals it straight away allows the audience know where everything is, due to it standing out. By NME using informal text in this contents page it relates to their main target audience which is teenagers and younger adults.

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