Thursday, 15 January 2015

Analysis of exsiting magazine covers

I like this front cover due to the simplicity of it just being a photo of the band with some bold writing on the front proclaiming who they are and other parts of writing talking about what is in the magazine. What I don’t like about the magazine Is that it is not very individualistic and is like most other covers of magazines. Also I dislike how serious they all look, it’d be nicer to see them actually joking around and enjoying the photo-shoot. I like how the alley is consistent with the space that is has between the columns, it makes the front look a lot neater and have an overall better look. The body text is very eye catching and draws you in due to the way the text and the font size proclaims itself to the reader. 
Like the other cover I like how simple the cover is and by doing this the centre of attention is on the boy he is in the picture and you are not reading or looking at anything else. I do however would prefer there to be more text so I know what the magazine will include from first site. The bold mast head exclaims itself, with the recognized ‘F’ logo which familiarizes people with this magazine. The sell is very effective, giving us a brief insight to the contents of the magazine and wants us to know more about the interview.

Vice are known for having weird and wonderful front covers and there is no change with this. The close up face straight away grabs your attention to the individuality of it. The weird photo on the magazine contrasts with the plain surroundings of it, with very little writing and information about the content of the magazine, which I believe to be very effective. The masthead is presented in a very urban and more common style, which would relate to its target audience as it being the youth of the country who would buy this magazine. I also the sell is very effective with the way it grabs my attention, with it talking about an interesting topic in rock n roll. 

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