Saturday, 17 January 2015

Stores where my magazine could be sold

Thunder Apparel

Independent clothing company from London & Leeds creating all kinds of streetwear. 

My magazine could be sold here to it being an independent clothing brand it cou
ld relate to my 'Indie' style of my magazine.


Wellgosh is a urban clothing store located in Leicester with lots of youthful people who shop there with also the inclusion of older males 

Due to the urban scene of this shop it would be a good place to sell my magazine and also to to the mix age of people who shop here it would make a good place for me to sell my magazine


Pilot is a store which sells high end clothes that appeal to a middle aged audience and they attract that audience to their store.

This would be a great place to sell my magazine because my magazine could have a strong relation to a older audience due to various 80s and 90s bands having inclusion in it.

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