Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Completed Last Week:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Magazine Creator
  • Analysis of Contents
  • Analysis of Contents page
  • Analysis of contents page
  • Audience Profile
  • Colour Pallet
  • Language Register
  • Style Of Magazine
  • Audience Research
  • Title of Magazine
  • Instituton that would publish my magazine
  • Analysis of exsiting magazine covers
  • Research of relevant photographers
  • NME is called 'New Musical Express' this is due to...
  • 25 word Pitch
  • 20 song playlist
  • Analysis of Different Fonts
  • Fashion
  • Examples of other magazines
  • Moodboard
  • examples of other text
  • Contents Page
  • Front Page
  • AS Media Studies Coursework Schedule 2014-2015

  • To Complete for next week:

    Lessons to pitch idea to class and receive feedback

    Evaluate class feedback

    Gain further feedback from initial audience feedback sample on your mock up.

    Test shots of work on magazine elements

    Complete mock version of cover/ contents page/ double page spread (1 lesson)

    Write draft article

    Begin composing cover/contents page/ double page spread (draft version)

    What I have learnt:

    Organisation and time management

    When I was presented with the schedule my first initial thoughts was that it was a lot of work to do in a such a short amount of time, due to my overall feeling of the amount of work on the schedule I created a timetable for when I would get my work done, due to sticking to this timetable I was able to complete the work to a acceptable manner.

    Research and Planning

    Throughout this period of work i feel i have learnt a lot about the magazine industry and have adapted my little knowledge on magazines to a much wider level. During my research i have learnt the significance of positioning of certain things on a magazine. Also i learnt the importance of institutions in producing certain magazines.


    The piece of technology that i need to work on the most is photo shop, i need to work on how to actually use photo shop, and i will be using my own time to develop my photo shop skills, which is needed.

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