Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Double page spread analysis

The main attraction of this double page spread is the photo, the large image is very effective due to it drawing the readers attention straight away. Jay Z is one of the biggest rap artists of the 21st Century, and has been accused of an evil lifestyle with a group called the 'Illuminati' and has also shown his nicer side due to his marriage with Beyonce, to emphasize the good and bad of Jay Z the designer has used red to represent the evil side of Jay Z and white to show the good side of the famous rapper. Also to show the good and the bad they have made Jay Z pose, having his lips pouted and with one side raised higher than the other to show emphasize the evil side. Also the big 'J' in the the actual article is very eye catching and effective, due to this adding a big effect on his name. The small quote on the picture allows the readers to get a small taste of the interview and it makes them want to read more. The way that the picture is big on one side with very little text and most the text being on the opposing side emphasizes how it is a modern music magazine due to magazine developing to be like this more often.

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