Thursday, 15 January 2015

Audience Research

Audience Research on bands on 20 song playlist.

The Smiths 

  1. Gender: Male
  2. Age: 40 - 59
  3. Politics: Mid Left Wing (Knowing the target audiences political opinion may allow for language in interviews and articles to vary, this will inevitably make the reader more interested and relate to what the magazine is saying, inevitably increasing sales.)
  4. Region: North West (Again, knowing the region of the target audience may influence how I have my band members speak in a certain accent or dialect.)
  5. Profession: Education (This will influence how intellectual the articles and semi structured interview questions are.)
  6. Monthly Spare £: Less Than £125 (Helps me to decide on a price for the magazine, as someone with little spare money would want to buy an incredibly overpriced magazine.)
  7. Interests: Politics and Culture (Gives me an idea of the sort of thing that my model can be doing to try and attract the target audience.)
  8. Personality: "I wish I didn't have to go to work every day", "I like to surround myself with a diverse range of cultures and ideas", "Across history, religion has done more bad than good". (All these things affect my magazine, due to the fact that the first statement shows laziness, meaning that although I previously said that it would be wise to have an intellectual magazine, there still have to be little enough that the reader can be bothered to read the magazine. The second statement gives me an idea as to what would be I the magazine in terms of culture. In this case, a wide and eclectic variety of cultures seen and mentioned would be a wise choice.)
  9. Clothing Brands: Dr. Martens,American Apparel,Adidas (Allows me to decide the sort of clothing my chosen model will wear.)
  10. Magazines Read: NME (Gives me an idea as to what magazines would be good to take inspiration from.)

The Cure

  • Gender: Male 
  • Age: 40 - 59 
  • Politics: Slightly Left Wing 
  • Region: West Country 
  • Profession: Media And Publishing 
  • Monthly Spare £: Less Than £125 
  • Interests: Music and Culture 
  • Personality: "Across history, religion has done more bad than good", "I think adverts are just a waste of time", "I wish I didn't have to go to work everyday", "I like to experience new food and cuisines". 
  • Clothing Brands: Dr. Martens, New Rock, Converse 
  • Magazines Read: NME


  • Gender: Male
  • Age:25-39
  • Politics:Slightly right wing
  • Region:Central Scotland
  • Profession:Construction and Buissness
  • Monthly Spare £:Less than £125
  • Interests:Video games, Movies, Watching Live Music
  • Personality: ''Religion has done more than good'', ''I Enjoy going to the pub for a drink''
  • Clothing Brands: Fred Perry, Lyle And Scott, Vivenne Westwood
  • Magazines Read:NME

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