Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Band Profile

Name: Ritz To Rubble-
To find the name of my band I searched through certain bands songs that I like to find inspiration, and to come up with a good band name, that would also suit the Indie/Alternative genre my magazine possesses. The song I came across was From The Ritz To The Rubble, by Arctic Monkeys and I took the Ritz To Rubble part of the song title and decided it was very good and relates very well to the genre of my magazine.

Genre: Indie/Alternative

Album Name(s): No Ego To Injure (1st Album)

Members: Josh Bucko (Guitar/Vocals) Megan Woof (Bass/Vocals) Bonny Jatson (Drums/Backing Vocals) Liam Smurrell (Guitar/Vocals)

About the band: Ritz To Rubble are a Indie/Alternative rock band from Leicester that were formed in 2008. Ritz To Rubble have a different approach to there music, there main approach is Indie, but have various songs that are very different to there main genre and can even relate to Hip-Hop, Rap, and can also have a heavy approach, taking inspiration from bands such as Yashin and songs such as Down but homeward bound, but also has a Hip-Hop approach relating to songs such as November has come by the Gorillaz. Also many of Ritz to Rubble's other songs relate to songs such as 'Sticks and Stones'Castro Dies and British Intelligence . by Jamie T, who is an Indie/Rap Artist. But there soul Genre is indie relating to bands such as Catfish and the bottlemen, The twang, and The Jam.

Bands/Artists they relate to: Catfish And The Bottlemen, Gorrilaz, The Twang, Mallory Knox, Yashin, Jamie T, General Fiasco, Kasabian, Kartica. Black Kids, Arctic Monkeys.

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