Friday, 30 January 2015

Research - Young Alts - Interview

From longboarding to Papa Roach, we find out what matters to Kelly Chu – a 16 year old Young Alt...
Tell me a bit about your interests? What bands or music generally are you and your friends listening to at the moment?
My biggest interest at the moment is long boarding, which I should be doing much more of now it’s getting hotter! I have different groups of friends who are into completely different music but the majority of them prefer music that is either completely jokey, bands like The Lonely Island, or that’s completely emotional and deep. Motivational music is getting more popular now, due to exams, songs that pump you up a little!
Would you consider yourself ‘Alternative’ not just in the way you dress but the music you listen to? What does the phrase mean to you?
I define myself more by my look – bright, random but casual and without too much effort. However, I think the type of music people listen to helps define them more, rather than their clothes.
I don’t particularly like the term ‘Alternative’ but I guess you could say I am in terms of the music I listen to. Most people I know don’t like the kind of music I listen to (eg. most types of rock, bands like Papa Roach, Three Days Grace etc). The phase to me means somebody different from the norm without trying to be… The majority of my friends would probably fall under that category, since they aren’t afraid to be themselves.
Who would you say inspires you?
Lots of people inspire me, especially people who work really hard and still manage to have a social life. I think there’s a skill in being able to balance the two, which is impressive.
Where do you get your inspiration? Do you spend a lot of time on social media sites and is this a source of inspiration?
Ideas about the way I dress usually come from the public, but it’s never completely the same. I don’t spend time looking on social media sites etc. Music is always from the Internet, recommended links on YouTube after I’ve listened to my favourite songs.
How important is technology generally, does the Internet help inspire you? If so what sites and blogs are you looking at?
Technology is so important and makes things so much easier, it’s insane. From being able to use your phone to check what time your bus is coming, to quickly looking up a definition. I usually use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram although sometimes educational sites like Ted-Ed. I also read articles on, always a laugh!
Tell me what your look is about? Tell me about some brands you like…
Just being comfortable with a dash of colour – I don’t really wear designer brands, but I own quite a few pieces of clothing from Calvin Klein, Gant and Ralph Lauren.
Do you identify with the name ‘Young Alternatives’? Would you say the same about your friends?
Yes, and I imagine if someone saw me walking down the street they’d think the same, that also goes for my friends. People judge you on first impressions, so of course it’s important. But to the same degree I don’t think I’d really like to associate myself with people who judge me completely by my appearance, so I don’t personally care TOO much unless it’s for an important event.
What are your hopes and dreams for the future? How important is it to be able to adapt in terms of your look and what you like? Do you think you’ll be interested in the same things in a few years? 
My interests will probably take a U-turn, but I hope to carry on longboarding and possibly teaching. My dream is to get into something science related that I enjoy, either that or become a TV presenter, that sounds amazing!

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