Thursday, 22 January 2015

Magazine Cover Construction Task

The artists i chose to put on the front of my was Jamie T, Jamie T is British single artist who has played such Festivals as Reading and Leeds and various other festivals.

I chose to have a simple layout with just the title, subtitle and picture, this is very effective because it doesn't spoil to much of the content of the magazine and also i like the simple layout and how it doesn't bombard you with parts of articles. 

I used the red white and blue to represent the union jack to emphasize the Britain when it say ''Britain's best artist'' and used white as the main colour scheme to continue with the simplistic design.

I used BODONI MT as the font because its easy to read and adds to the simple look of the magazine.

On my final analysis of the magazine i decided to move the two secondary text slightly further away from each other, so it could have a neater look to it. Also i decided to line all the text which is near each other so it has a much neater look and feel to it.

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