Wednesday, 14 January 2015

examples of other text

I simply like this album cover due to how plain and simple it is and how they haven’t tried to over complicate it with a photo of them or writing.

I like this album cover due to the overall 90s feel of it. I also like how natural the mise en scene is . Also the cover is very individual and non-stylised which I think is very effective. I like the colour scheme that they have used to emphasize the naturalism. 

In this magazine cover I like how they use a stereotypical man of the 60s and the black and white effect to represent the old times. This is also very individual, due to most magazine covers posting photos of celebrity’s or other famous people, but this is different.

 I enjoy this cover due to the variety of colours that it has on it. The colours stand out and will draw the attention of people. The cover has a clear target audience which I appreciate

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