Friday, 20 March 2015

2. How does your media product represent particular social groups?

For my audience research I looked an Indie Scenesters and Young Alts. My magazines style is a clear representation of the Young Alts, this is in relation to clash magazine (the magazine I have took major inspiration from) but the music and actual content of the magazine is a clear relation to Indie Scenesters, my style of magazine is a clear representation of the type of people who'd read my magazine.

My Artist is a front man of an Indie/Alternative Band called Ritz To Rubble, the way he acts is similar to people like Liam Gallagher, Ian Brown, James Cocker and Van McCann. My artist doesn't take himself too seriously. My artist is a very out spoken and big headed character, this is a relation to front men of the past in this music genre. The way that my artist never really has much emotion on his face is due to the fact his personality has been related to people like Liam Gallagher, Ian Brown, James Cocker and Van McCann and they all commonly use an expressionless face when having there photo taken.

This magazine doesn't really fit the overall style of my magazine, but the way in which the photo is taken is a style I tried to replicate.

The overall style of my magazine is one that would relate to clash magazine, i chose to try and replicate this style due to the type of people that would buy clash magazine and i have incorporated the layout and style into my magazine. My artists, suits my magazine and also has a good representation of the overall audience of my magazine. Also a clear representation of my target audience is shown on my front cover and contents page, with the type of bands that are displayed on them. My target audiences are young alts and indie scenesters and this is clearly represented with the types of bands that are on my cover and contents. For example for Indie Scenesters i had two smaller 'Indie' bands in Drowners and Skaters, who are both upcoming indie bands, these bands and their music would relate to my target audience to a great extent. Also i have tried to relate to a young alt type of audience by including 'Enter Shakari'. Enter Shakari's music genres are Experimental metal and Alternative Rock. By including this type of band relates to a hardcore 'young alt' because of the individuality of the music that they play. I have also related to young alts with inclusions of bands such as 'Mallory Knox, 'The Enemy', and 'The Twang'. I used YouGov profiles and UK Tribes to discover what type of audience that would be best to relate to, considering my magazines overall style. My artists overall style is an adaption to people such as 'Van McCann' (lead singer of catfish and the bottlemen) i have adopted his style because it is very simplistic and relates to my magazine, it may not relate directly to my target audience but i feel the way his personality is, he is able relate my audience to a good extent.

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  1. You also need to think about the overall style of the magazine, artists included in the contents page, type of images used and the register of the article. All of these elements can be referenced when answering the question.