Friday, 27 March 2015

4. Who would be the audience for your media product?

Young Alts

Firstly, young alts are a large part of my target audience that would read my magazine .Young Alts are young people who ‘want out’ of the mainstream agenda. Equally split between the sexes, and members share an inquisitiveness for everything Alternative. Young alts Experiment with art, music and fashion unites the Young Alts, who are dipping in and out of scenes. Young Alts are likely to gravitate towards Leading Edge Tribes once they've figured out what they’re most interested in, but for the time being Young Alts are happy to get stuck into as much media as they can – from reading Penguin Classics on Kindle, streaming ‘Girls’ on Netflix (even the boys) and checking out the latest music on Spotify. Skater, Emo and Hipster trends are most commonly tried and tested by the Young Alts, it’s about keeping an open mind. This audience is very suitable for my magazine and i feel my overall style has a clear representation of that and the bands and the way i speak in the magazine gives a clear indication of my representation of that audience.

Indie Scenesters

For another part of my audience i chose indie scenesters. Indie Scenesters are dedicated to finding the newest music, exploring all avenues to get there online, print, record shops, club nights and word of mouth. Staying ahead of the curve is a must for indie scenesters, but it’s borne out of a genuine love for music. For Indie Scenesters, discovering new artists is a key thing for them and they strive to find them. Guitar music is a common factor in making an 'indie scenester' and i have incorporated this into my magazine by including a variety of different guitar bands, from all genres. In recent years Indie Scenesters have broadened their musical tastes as a result. It’s no longer just about indie rock bands like Vampire Weekend Indie Scenesters have embraced experimental, genre-blending artists like Four Tet. Yet, the Indie Scenester approach remains the same  it’s about championing independent artists rather than a specific genre, especially before the masses get in on the act. Potentially having their own music blogs, The way i have included bands such as enter shakari, there genres include alternative metal and electronicore, these genres are very uncommon and relate heavily to the modern 'Indie Scenester'. The genre of music that is included in my magazine is a clear indication to the type of audience that would read my magazine.

Overall i feel my magazine has a good representation of the audience that i want to read it and feel it would appeal to them greatly.

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