Friday, 27 March 2015

5. How did you attract/address your audience?

To attract my audience I used the name of the main bands album on the front cover to get the bands soul fans interested and people who do not know a lot about the band interested to know why that is on the cover, which will get them reading about the band. I used to different colours on this subheading, i made one side grey to relate to the black and white effect that is on the main image. On the other side of the text i have made it white, i have done this to relate to the title and also i have done it so it connects to the white pages which are in my magazine and which are present in my double page spread and my contents page.

Also i made the artist have eye contact with the camera to incise the audience and is a key marketing technique used by various magazines. Also i have used a expressionless photo to one enforce my simplistic style of my magazine which relates to a perfectionist type of audience that was an initial thought of an audience of mine but it has became an audience that i have tried to base the cover and my double page spread on. Using the messy hair on my artist allows me to relate heavily to a young alt audience because it relates to the overall style of the young alt genre and will allow my target audience to be interested in the magazine because of the person on the front of the magazine. Also i have enhanced the detail in the eyes on photoshop, which again is a key marketing technique which i used.

I used a pull quote, doing this allows people to see a part of the interview straight away and makes them want to read more of the the article if it meets there interest. Using a quote where he says 'I wanted to be Liam Gallagher' allows for a extended audience to be reached. Including a huge star in indie/alternative music allows for mainstream audience to want to read this article because Liam Gallagher a former lead singer of Oasis is mentioned.

An inclusion of pictures of other bands and individual photos of people from those bands (on my contents page) allowed me to attract my audience. I used 4 pictures of my main artist on my contents to continue my the interest in him throughout, and allow me to relate to the same audience through these pictures, also i used 4 pictures of another band which allowed me to extend my audience and let people who are fans of this band be incised by these photos. The band have a similar indie/alternative genre to them but due to different aspects in their music it allows me to reach an audience beyond the ones that are only interested in my main artist.

In my contents page i have included an in-depth description of what that part of the includes this allows my audience to know what is included. Including a section called regulars allows my consistent readers to be familiar with the content of my magazine.

Another thing that i have used in my magazine to address my audience is using a pull quote saying 'we're on our way to the top' by saying this it shows a sense of self-confidence about the artist, this enforces the relation to Liam Gallagher, due to him having a reputation for over self confidence this allows me to relate to an older 'indie' audience, because of the relation of Liam Gallagher 

At the bottom of my front page i had 4 bands, these bands were selected to reach the needs of my genre. Firstly i put the more traditional sounding indie bands by putting The Twang and The Enemy on there so i was able to relate more to a traditional indie audience. Mallory Knox is a more alternative/rock type of band so this relates to wider alternative audience. I included Enter Shakari because they're different to normal mainstream music due to their alternative/metalcore/Electronicore approach to their music, which no other band really possesses, so with this band i can relate to a more serious indie scenester.

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  1. Also refer to the contents and double page spread when answering the question.