Friday, 27 February 2015

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 frontman used to be full of life, cocky, fun, and have a certain loveable arrogance about them. However, in recent years this has been lost, with people like Liam Gallagher, Ian Brown and Jarvis Cocker becoming a thing of the past with bands like The 1975, Bastille and people like Jake Bugg, who stand in front of a microphone, play a guitar and sing their songs. It seems that jumping around the stage like a mad man or standing on stage and thinking you’re the most important person in the world has died. Now it seems most common bands don’t have a big headed, yet lovable character being the face of the band. But all this has been changed with a band which was voted as ‘Best new band of 2014’ Ritz To Rubble.

Ritz to Rubble are one of the quickest upcoming bands of 2014 and want to make 2015 even better for themselves. Ritz to Rubble have a very wide variety of music, with their genres including, Indie, Alternative and also Rap. Formed in 2008, they were signed in January 2014 and they have had the best year of there for their musical careers so far. But one of the main factors of their success has been the worldwide media attraction to their frontman Josh Bucko. Josh’s confidence on stage and genuine love and appreciation for all of his bands fans, allows him to perform on stage entertaining fans not only with his music, but his ability to be able to communicate and excite them while he is performing. He told Fixed magazine that he ‘Grew up watching some of the best frontmen of the 80s and 90s, so I’ve sort of just stole their styles and put my own twist on it'.

Born on August 13 1991, Josh grew up on a council estate in Leicestershire. He was brought up listening to bands such as Oasis, Stone Roses, Pulp, Blur, The Clash and The Cure, which has influenced his style of performing.

When I was younger most people around where I lived were listening to Hip hop and Rap, mainly Eminem, Because he was coming to the forefront of music in the early or mid-2000s, but Oasis, Blur and Pulp were still around when I was about 10, that’s probably when I started appreciated music so much. I’d always liked these band because my dad always put them or the Beatles on when I was young, he said it was real music, so I followed his footsteps and started listening to them as well, and he took me to see Oasis in 2005, and I saw how Liam Gallagher acted on stage and I loved him, he was so cocky, arrogant and cool, i wanted to be Liam Gallagher’.

After this Josh explained how after he saw Oasis his dad started taking him to local gigs and after about a year of taking him to these gigs, Josh desperately wanted to start a band.

‘We all went to school together, from an early age, Meg had a thing for singing from when she was seven or something like that, but them me (Josh) and Liam just started learning some songs, because he played the guitar and I sang. And then we kind of just started a band. Then we started writing loads of different songs, including all these different genres. Then our drummer left in 2010, then we were f**ked, we'd been playing for two years and got all these songs and no drummer but luckily, we knew Meg from school and she joined and her cousin played drums, so we adopted him, and he was pretty good on the drums, then we got serious for a solid 4 years and thankfully got signed. Now we’re on our way to the top!’.

Ritz To Rubble's debut album was released on september 14th 2014, and has sold over 500,000 copy’s. If you haven’t listened to this great new band, i suggest listening them, they are the future of music.

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